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UPlift Black increases visibility, cultivates community, and provides support systems for the most equity seeking individuals in our community. 




We are contributing to a more just, equitable society where Black people can fully express themselves and thrive:

Where Black Joy and Black Excellence are celebrated 365, not just Black History Month, 

and we achieve this when we successfully invite everyone from the community to join in celebrating 2SLGBTQI+ history and cultural programming from the African Diaspora without fear or trepidation.


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UPlift Black seeks to promote an equitable and safe future for all by holding up:
Equity, Integrity, Respect, Agility

and by 

UPlifting from within

(providing training and development opportunities as well as whole family and self wellness)



The Centre

UPlift Black is a Black and 2SLGBTQl+ -led not for profit and Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion based in the heart of downtown Barrie, Ontario

The UPlifters

UPlift exists to serve our community thanks to a board of directors, a small but mighty staff and our dedicated volunteers

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